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Stage: 1 Choose the type of grade required

Grade Required

Please select the grade of board which you would like for your order.
*Standard board size for product.

 Standard MDF (3050 x 1220)
 Moisture Resistant MDF (3050 x 1220)
 Flame Retardant MDF (3050 x 1220)
 Ready to Paint - Primed MDF (2440 x 1220)
 Flexible Cross Grain MDF (1220 x 2440)
 Flexible Long Grain MDF (2440 x 1220)
 Melamine Faced Chipboard Sheet (2440 x 1220)
 Melamine Faced MDF (2440 x 1220)
 Spray Painted MDF (3050 x 1220)

Stage: 2 Choose the thickness required

Thickness of board

Please indicate the thickness of the board you require. If the size you require is not shown, please contact us and we will see if it’s possible to source exactly what you need from our range of suppliers.

 6 mm
 9 mm
 12 mm
 15 mm
 18 mm
 22 mm
 25 mm
 30 mm
 38 mm

Stage 3: Select the size of board required

Select the size of board required

Please enter the size of the board you require, together with the quantity. If you require differing sizes, please get in touch and we will take your order manually.


Thickness of MDF:

Cutting charges apply

Stage 4: Select Colour (optional).

Select Colour (optional)

Board Colour Required

Select Colour  

Stage 5: Other Services that are available. (optional)

Select from the services required below and we will let you know the cost in total.

Edging Service

Please tick the box below if you would like us to include edge-banding of your board on all edges as part of your quotation.


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